6 March 2023

8 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

With so many sources of inspiration out there on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, we’re sure the question ‘why do I need to hire and interior designer?’ gets asked a lot. There is also the assumption that interior design services are only for those with excessive incomes. Hiring an interior designer may be more accessible than you may think. Let’s explore some of the benefits of bringing an interior designer on board to help with your project.

  1. It could save you money

    A designer will often source items from trade-only suppliers which means they may be able to find items at a range of prices to suit your budget whilst not compromising on the desired aesthetic. A designer’s expertise in design, space planning and sourcing means that you could also avoid costly mistakes too. No losing money on returning items because they do not suit the scheme of fit the space, no extra paint buying and redecorating when you decide you don’t like the colour you originally picked etc. How many times have we all done that?!

  2. It will save you time

    Time is precious. A designer will take the hassle out of hours spent trawling the internet for products, often a time consuming and bewildering experience. If you’re planning on undertaking a larger project yourself, it will invariably take weeks if not months to complete, particularly if the property is big or is undergoing a more complex renovation. A designer will manage all aspects of the design and project management processes efficiently, saving you time in the long run. Plus, their contacts in the industry mean that relationships with reliable tradespeople have already been formed and that trust has been built.

  3. It will remove stress

    Home renovation can be incredibly stressful. There is a plethora of decisions to be made, items to be sourced and deliveries to be managed. A larger project will involve liaising with tradespeople and managing a schedule of the work involved. This can be incredibly mentally exhausting. Handing the responsibility to an experienced designer will take the weight of the world from your shoulders.

  4. It will Help Define your Style

    An interior designer will help you define or redefine your own style by working with you closely on colour schemes, textures and fabrics. as well as recommending furniture and accessories that reflect your taste. This will help to bridge the gap between your ideas and reality whilst staying within budget constraints, something that can be difficult without expertise or prior knowledge and experience.

  5. Access to Resources

    Designers have access to a wealth of resources and constantly keep abreast of trend forecasts and the latest products from within the industry. They can provide you with ideas and creative solutions that you may not have considered yourself. Experienced designers already have relationships with trustworthy tradespeople and will liaise on your behalf. They also use industry software that is crucial to planning and visualising your project.

  6. Immaculate space planning & improved Functionality

    An experienced designer will know how to make the very best use of your space. They understand the importance of space planning and how this will affect the way you are able to live in a room. They will ensure that you and your family/employees/customers get the very best use out of the space they have designed and make sure it has optimum functionality.

  7. Visual Representations

    Most designers have the software to produce floorplans, and 3D images in full colour making it that much easier for you to understand and picture what the end result will look like.

  8. Creative Vision

    An interior designer’s creative expertise means that they can often see on overall picture of an interior space that clients cannot, the result being that the space will have huge impact and a guaranteed wow factor, which is ultimately, what the end goal was in the first place!

There are countless reasons why hiring an experienced interior designer makes sense, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today if you’re looking to transform your space into something truly special.