9 January 2023

Residential Interior Design Trends 2023

Natural Materials and Holistic Design

The biggest influence in interiors for 2023 will be a holistic approach to design, incorporating elements that celebrate nature. Schemes will be considerate of our minds and bodies and spaces will nurture our well-being and allow us to flourish.

Natural woods, stones, and colour palettes that centre around biophilic design will play an integral part in all aspects of this type of scheme.

Image Credit: Emma Byrnes

Flawsome Design and Upcycling

Following on from the theme of respecting nature and with the ever-burgeoning subject of sustainability firmly on our lips, now is the time to celebrate imperfection by making the most of what we have. Upcycling pre-loved pieces is the ideal way to do this. Not by adding embellishment and accoutrements but by stripping items back to their natural state, and perhaps just adding a simple coat of lacquer. 2023 will be the year of the pared-back aesthetic, working in perfect harmony with holistic and natural schemes.

Image Credit: Teaky Finders

Primary Coloured Accents

Perhaps it’s that we’ve come to crave a sense of stability or maybe in a post-pandemic world we no longer take fun moments for granted? Dependable and fun, primary colours are set to have an impact on our interior spaces in 2023. Stable yet loud and unapologetic, splashes of primary colour will bring frivolity and excitement to any home.

Image Credit: Nordic Nest

Pops of Peach

Soft, warm and gentle- peach is the perfect colour to give us a delicate, reassuring embrace. It will appear in our spaces in a variety of forms. Subtler shades giving a softness to walls, calming and nurturing in accents and accessories used around the home.

Image Credit: Roomdsign

Dramatic, Rich and Saturated Hues

At the opposite end of the spectrum- quite literally, colour drenched spaces using deep greens, purples and reds will fight for centre stage in 2023. A deep and moody room painted all in one colour, an inarguably fearless and bold, yet chic statement.

Image Credit: Getty

Wall Panelling Is Here to Stay

Having been with us for centuries, wall panelling will be firmly rooted in our design choices for 2023. Often added to increase the aesthetic appeal of a space, wall panelling will add decorative depth and dimension to any room.

Darker panelling will create a moody and dramatic effect, while light colours will add elements of tranquillity and calm.

Image Credit: The Wood Veneer Hub

Curved and Sculptural Furniture

An interiors stalwart over the last few years, curved and sculptural furniture is also firmly on the map for 2023. The embodiment of the Danish notion of Hygge- ‘the quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of well-being’. Creating a sense of welcoming and sanctuary, not only do curves help us to feel connected to our environment, but they open up a wave of design opportunities guaranteed to inspire and excite.

Curves are ideal for living areas, think rounded coffee tables and gently undulating sofas, don’t forget they can also be brought into the kitchen too in the form of curved islands and cabinetry.

Image Credit: Hamilton Conte

Time to say goodbye:

Hard-edged furniture

Curve appeal is still firmly with us, hard-edged, stark furniture brings an unwanted feeling of severity to a space.

Monochromatic minimalism

Overly sparse and monochromatic rooms that do not fill us with joy or allow us to express freedom of individuality are not on the horizon this year.

Industrial elements

In 2023 our spaces will be soft, welcoming and nurturing.

Stacked, floating shelving

Stacked, floating shelving will give way to long, linear shelving. This type of shelving will help to open up a space, encouraging a warm, convivial vibe.

Smooth surfaces

Similar to the drifting away of minimalism and stark edges, homes will incorporate more texture in design. Braided wall art, heavily-textured soft furnishings and our treasured curves. It’s all about dimension, dimension, dimension!