9 June 2021

The Best Kitchen Design Trends of 2021

Being at home more means that many of us perhaps once reluctant cooks are evolving into enthusiastic, budding chefs. After all, we can’t order takeaway every night! Having a beautiful space to conjure up all that culinary magic is an absolute must. Here are some of our choice kitchen trends of 2021


Sustainable and durable, marble has been used in all aspects of architecture and interior design for centuries. Bringing an unrivalled sense of luxury and glamour, marble possesses incredible strength and an exceptional aesthetic.

Marble work surfaces and counter tops are as resilient as they are beautiful. For added drama, the stronger the vein, the better.

Streamline Simplicity

Clean lines, integrated appliances and handless designs bring a sense of order and calm to what can be a frenetic space, particularly when all those pots and pans are on the go! Simplicity and a focus on quality craftsmanship and cabinetry details are what this look is all about.


Pantries are practical storage solution that can be sensitively slotted in to any kitchen scheme. A great way to organise and de-clutter, they make perfect sense. Allowing us to steer away from bulky wall cupboards leaving space for much more aesthetically pleasing items such as treasured photographs or artwork. Perfect for seamless, open plan living. Old mother Hubbard would be proud!

Dark Design

Nothing is more seductive than a black kitchen. Today black is a frontrunner when it comes to choosing colour in kitchen design. Sexy and sleek, black kitchens are a bold statement that will make your cooking and entertaining space effortlessly chic.

Combine with lighter, natural materials like woods and stones to break up the tone should you so wish.

Green Cabinetry

Inspired by Architectural Digest’s piece on Dakota Johnson’s beautiful mid-century home -the jewel in the crown being a gorgeous bijou kitchen, crammed with curiosities and painted entirely in Benjamin Moore’s ‘Alligator Alley’- Green has replaced dark blue hues and is a key colour style for kitchens in 2021

Be obsessive about the green that you choose to avoid a garish nightmare. Think forest or olive hues to keep it timeless, or for more subtlety, sage.


Pushing the boundaries of kitchen design, metallic finishes are a captivating addition to any culinary space. Balancing metallics with other natural materials will bring a resplendent glow to any kitchen. If you’re not quite brave enough to take the plunge with your units, try being playful with sinks, taps and other accents. Gold is a fantastic choice for just that glimmer of metallic shine.