2 May 2023

The Power of CGI in interior Design

Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) also known as 3D rendering is the process of digitally creating high quality 3D images of a space and is one of the most important tools that the interior design industry employs today.

All well-established designers will have CGI in their arsenal. CGI has changed the face of the industry over the past few years and has infinitely broadened the scope of what we are able to do. CGI allows us to give clients the capability to fully visualise the outcome of what their space will look like in a photo realistic (or as close as we can get) way. Here at Auric we are big fans of the Twilight plug-in for Sketchup, and rely heavily on the CGIs produced by this software when it comes to putting the designs together for all of our projects.

CGI can help us to generate the mood and atmosphere that we aim to achieve within a space, it lets us demonstrate different fabrics, furniture, fixtures, fittings, colours and even gives us the power to explore how a space will be lit. It gives designers and clients a way to sample a variety of options way before they come to be installed in a space.

A few of the boxes that CGI ticks:

  • Makes communicating our vision to clients infinitely easier.
  • Clearer communication can speed up a project’s progress.
  • Aids collaboration and ensures that designer and client are on the same page.
  • Helps communication with tradespeople.
  • Visuals need no language- overcomes any language barrier present.
  • Examples of all aspect of the design can be demonstrated. Paint schemes, wall coverings, furniture, flooring, fixtures, fittings, lighting etc.
  • CGI gives us, perhaps, the only way to express the intended mood for a space.

CGI plays a vital role in what we do and is an integral part of every design package that we offer. At Auric not only do we possess the creative ingenuity to produce exceptional designs, but we are also well-versed in producing high quality CGIs to help bring our collaborative vision for your space to life.