Commercial Interior

Auric Design delivers exceptional commercial interior design solutions for businesses throughout Manchester and the surrounding area as well as the rest of the UK. We understand the importance of creating a working environment which promotes productivity and well-being amongst your team whilst also being inviting to customers. Striking the perfect balance is something that our commercial interior design excels in, regardless of the industry your business operates within.

Understanding the needs of your business

Auric Design understands that each business has entirely unique needs. One office will flourish when using a particular type of layout, whilst another could struggle with the same design. That’s why we will always conduct a thorough consultation before we commence our work. We’ll find out:

  • How you would like your space to feel
  • Who uses your work-space
  • Your company culture
  • The history of your brand
  • How you would like your brand to be represented throughout the space
  • Whether you welcome customers onsite
  • What the aspirations are for your organisation
  • The type of technology you rely on
  • The timeline for your design project
  • What health and safety regulations, including Covid-19 policies you must adhere to

By gaining an understanding of the needs of your business, our commercial interior designers will be able to create a space which is immersive and functional but does not compromise on design aesthetic. A space that will promote well-being and productivity within your team.

You might need plenty of quiet, distraction-free rooms for confidential meetings. Additionally, we know that some companies thrive on having spacious areas where creativity and brainstorming are encouraged. Some organisations need a large reception area or waiting room for clients, whilst restaurants and bars require interiors that reflect their brand, and where customers feel comfortable and relaxed.

Whatever the layout and needs of your business, you can be assured that Auric Design will have thought of everything to create the perfect interior for your working environment.

How much do commercial interior design solutions cost?

As our services are entirely bespoke and based on your individual needs, we will provide a quote which covers the scope of the interior design required for your business.

We will always work with your pre-determined budget and can customise your quote accordingly until you’re 100% happy with our design proposal. We consider adaptability to be one of our greatest strengths, and will work with you closely and collaboratively until we have achieved our shared goal. Auric Design are experts in design aesthetic we are able to source stylish furniture and fittings to fit almost any budget. We will create 2D and 3D rendered images for your consideration.

What types of business need commercial interior design?

Any type of organisation can benefit from a commercial interior refresh, so if your space is looking a little tired or doesn’t reflect the current values of your brand, then get in touch and will work with you to transform it.

We provide commercial interior design for any type of business including:

  • Offices
  • Independent shops or chain stores
  • Bars, cafes and restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Beauty salons
  • Hotels
  • Healthcare facilities

If your business doesn’t belong to any of the above categories, please be assured that Auric Design is able to provide commercial interior design solutions for any type of organisation. Get in touch with our experienced design team today and we will book you in for a consultation.