Interior Styling

Auric Design specialises in creating interiors that wow – we’ll take the interior of a tired room and transform it into a beautifully decorative space. Our interior styling team will pay close attention to detail and create a visually appealing environment, whether that be a room in your home, a workspace or the lobby of a hotel. Get in touch with Auric Design today to book your consultation.

How is interior styling different from interior design?

Interior styling shares many crossover points with interior design. Both provide a much-needed facelift or change of look for a space, without making any major structural adaptations to the building. Any interior styling or design work is usually focused on elements such as:

  • Colour and texture – using a single tone or complementary shades and adding different fabrics and textures to add depth to the room
  • Functionality – providing a layout which makes the most of the available area
  • Furniture – from traditional to contemporary or even custom-made pieces, the right furniture will anchor the space together making for a more cohesive look
  • Feature – add eye-catching details to your room in the form of artwork or other accessories

Whilst both interior stylists and designers will work with the above elements, each is typically hired for different reasons. Interior designers are usually needed by homeowners or businesses who want to improve their own personal living or workspace.

In comparison, interior stylists work to create a luxury environment for a photoshoot or staging project. Perhaps you want to prepare your home to go on the market, or maybe you have just moved in and are happy with the core design of your home but could do with some extra guidance on fittings and accessories

Hiring an interior styling team

Magazines, TV and other visual media platforms rely on interior styling to create striking settings for their photos or video recordings. By designing captivating spaces that look incredible in a photo or on screen, they draw in the audience and attract them to the advert, TV show or editorial which they’re trying to promote.

We are on hand to update your look and pull your living space together. It’s often simple to make just a few changes to have a huge impact. By changing the layout of your room, or switching simple details such as door handles or light fittings and creating a gallery art display, you’ll be amazed at the difference that can be made to your home.

If you’re hoping to sell your home, then we are experts at getting your property market-ready. We’ll recycle your own belongings as much as possible or offer advice on decluttering in preparation for us to stage your home in advance of viewings.

How does interior styling work?

If you’re interested in our interior styling solutions, get in touch with Auric Design. We’ll arrange an in-depth consultation with our team where we’ll get to know more about:

  • Your vision
  • Your requirements
  • Your budget
  • Your timescale

We’ll provide you with plenty of design and furnishing options and will go the extra mile to ensure we deliver a styling service that you’re 100% happy with.