8 January 2024

The 10 Top Interior Design Trends for 2024

  1. Chocolate Brown

    In the greatly anticipated colour landscape of 2024, we will see a surge in the popularity of this rich and sensual hue. Following closely behind are earthy tones such as burnt orange and mustard promising a palette that oozes depth and sophistication.

    Credit: Little Greene
  2. It’s Still Easy Being Green

    The allure of green in interior design will persist through 2024 reflecting a multiyear reign. The pandemic heightened the inclination towards soothing natural elements in interiors. Beyond colour, floral and plant motifs will remain sought after patterns in 2024.

    Credit: Little Greene
  3. Sustainability in Design

    Not to be labelled a trend, 2024 will see a continuing and evolving collective consciousness regarding the environmental impact of our design choices. Concern for the environment is prompting both designers and clients to educate themselves on how different elements and materials affect their living spaces. There will be a noticeable shift towards more conscious selections, with a focus on environmental and social responsibility. Environmental considerations are shaping a more informed and conscientious approach to design.

    Credit: Emma Burns
  4. Underdone & Understated

    Underpinning a sustainable ethos, 2024 will favour comfort and authenticity over overly-styled spaces, with a focus on pared-back aesthetics embracing imperfections and personal expression. Bespoke furniture pieces, built to last will be key to this. Notable will be the emphasis on circularity with brands promoting repairability and repurposed materials. The industry is forecasting a continued commitment to circular practices, encouraging the extension of product lifestyles. Sustainability is key.

    Credit: Jebson Made
  5. Curves AND Edges

    Undulating curves, a design staple in recent years, continue their influence in 2024 but may take on new forms extending into architectural elements like archways, hallways and shower entries. Complementing fluid, organic forms, designers foresee a rise in angular shapes. The design landscape seems poised for a dynamic blend of curved and angular elements in the coming year.

    Credit: Pure White Lines
  6. Abstract and Modern Art

    Instagram friendly figurative art has dominated interiors with black line drawings and colourful Matisse- style figures on various items. However, a shift towards captivating and modern paintings will occur in 2024. These abstracts, often in a neutral tone offer a subtle subject matter making them enduring additions to living spaces. A well-chosen abstract has the power to complement and elevate furniture and other art within the space.

    Credit: Amela Rasi
  7. Multifunctional Furniture

    The enduring trend of multifunctional furniture continues to thrive, and for good reason- who doesn’t appreciate furniture that seamlessly serves multiple purposes? A key aspect of conscious design is crafting furniture adaptable to diverse needs and life situations. The Flip Table by designer Jasper Sahl (see image) exemplifies this principle. The table features 14 hinges, enabling it to be folded and unfolded in 3 configurations. Whether serving as a dining table, a foldable desk or transformed into a convenient side table, pieces such as this epitome versatility, practicality and most importantly, longevity.

    Credit: Nordic Nest
  8. Texture, Texture, Texture

    In 2024 home interiors are poised for a shift where texture supersedes sleek simplicity. We will observe a rising preferences for a more organic and animated utilisation of texture, aligning with an increased use of organic forms in furniture. Predictions point towards nods to the natural world through elements such as pitted timbers, hand-woven textiles and ceramics where beauty will be found in imperfection, distressed woods and rustic tiles. These will emerge as favoured choices of designers in the upcoming year.

    Credit: Arthur Casas Studio
  9. Colourful Rugs

    The era of wall-to-wall carpet in beige wool or sissal, with patterns reminiscent of the 1970’s is evolving. Rugs, once dominated by cream Moroccan styles or barely there knotted jute will witness a vibrant transformation. Floors will be adorned with earth or jewel-like colours. A bold or playful floor doesn’t necessitate maximalism, the rest of the space can be toned down accordingly. The evolving carpet landscape embraces diversity and challenges traditional neutral norms.

    Credit: Color Therapis
  10. Check Mate

    Injecting a nostalgic vibe, checkerboard patterns are making a comeback in 2024. Whether adorning a tiled wall or incorporated as a large area rug, these patterns infuse spaces with a playful and vintage charm. Beyond aesthetics, checkerboard designs serve as a visual tool, expanding or enhancing room proportions while imparting a whimsical and characterful atmosphere. The revival of checkerboard patterns reflects a timeless and versatile element in interior design.

    Credit: David Zarzoso

Having delved into the top interior design trends of 2024 it is crucial to remember while trends provide inspiration, your home is a canvas for your personal style. Embrace the resurgence of checkerboard patterns, the allure of textured finishes and the practicality of multifunctional furniture but do so with a sense of individuality. Avoid the pitfall of taking trends too seriously or adhering to them too strictly. Let your space reflect your personality, infuse it with elements that resonate with you on a deeper level. In the ever‑evolving landscape of design, the most timeless trend is one that feels uniquely yours.