8 March 2022

Residential Interior Design Trends of 2022

Shades of Green

Summoning a sense of nature, green is a key design element of biophilic design and is thought to stimulate well-being and creativity and have stress-reducing properties to bring a sense of calm.

Green has balancing and harmonising effects and is best paired with a combination of natural tones if a tranquil space is desired.

Colour Drenching

Is the idea of painting multiple surfaces in the same colour, perhaps in different tones in a single space. This year interior design is moving away from feature walls and replacing them with a single colour used throughout. This technique will give a hugely dramatic effect and defiant aesthetic.

‘The beauty of colour drenching is that it can be applied to such a variety of different spaces. Whilst you can’t make a small room larger, you can embrace the size of the space to create something that feels really engaging, inviting and contemporary’- says Little Greene’s director David Green.

Slatted Design

A popular trend used throughout 2021, it shows no signs of disappearing in 2022.

Wooden slats can help heighten or elongate a space as well as adding an element of textural interest.Slats are generally placed vertically and add a sleek dimension to any space.

Timeless Japandi

If you’ve read our previous Japandi piece, you’ll be well informed on this timeless trend that blends elements of Japan and Scandinavia.

Both cultures have a deep respect for quality craftsmanship and nature. The idea being, less is more and the craftsmanship of individual pieces featured in the space will speak for themselves.

Think a paired-back aesthetic with lighter, natural, tones and textures and fixtures and fittings that are built to last.

Statement Lighting

Often a consideration planned design scheme, lighting is now firmly at the centre with many interior designers creating a design around a statement lighting piece.

Large dramatic pendant lights, jaw-dropping chandeliers and intriguing table and floor lamps all have a part to play. It isn’t just the fixtures that are important, light that is given off should be utilised to create different moods and highlight specific areas within the space, creating drama from shapes and shadows formed.

Curved & Sculptural Furniture

The Danish notion of ‘Hygge’ which is ‘the quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of well-being.’

Creating a sense of welcoming and sanctuary, softening the space and giving us comfort and occasionally an air of sensuality, curves open-up a wave of design possibilities to inspire and excite.

Limewash & Venetian Plaster

Clean and smooth plastered walls have previously been in our favour, but we are now welcoming limewash and venetian walls that offer a much more characterful, antique and textured look.

Breathe life and depth into your walls with these techniques.

Bold Patterns & Colours

It’s time to be brave and experiment with pattern and colour. Whether it’s a wanting to put the woes of the past couple of years behind us or simply that we feel more audacious with our interiors, 2022 will be dominated by striking patterns, vibrant colours and statement wall coverings.

Find tips on how to introduce colour into your home in our ‘Colour in Design’ piece.

Time to say goodbye…

Open-plan living

With more demand being put on the spaces we use, particularly for home office environments, our homes need to be more flexible to our needs. This does not necessarily mean separating and closing off our spaces, but completely open-plan living no longer aligns with the functionality of how many of us are choosing to live today.

All White Everything

The blank canvas, all white trend has become boring, and many of us have been spending so much more time at home which means that this design scheme has decreased in liveability and practicality. We are opting for more multi-dimensional, multi- sensory environments so colours, layers, textures, patinas and a mixture of materials are a must.

Accent Walls

Accent walls which can often be distracting can over-simplify a space and are becoming increasingly dated. Look to colour drenching or limewash and venetian plaster instead.

Non-functional decorative objects

Psychologically, de-cluttering spaces can help to clear the mind and soul, and with us spending more time at home, we are potentially in need of this more than ever. So perhaps consider ditching objects that are on show and have no other purpose than to collect dust.

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